Cash App Payment Guide

Notice: Please make sure you click “PLACE ORDER” when you check out with Cash App

Cash App is similar to Venmo. It’s quick to setup and it allows you to use any debit card to make payments.

Quick Guide:

1) Click “Place Order” and notice your order # on the next page (order confirmation page)
2) Find $neurogold23 on Cash App
3) Enter your total payment amount
4) For the reason, write “consulting #order number”

Wait for us to process your order (1-2 days). When you receive the notification that your order is ‘completed’, that means it has shipped.


Detailed Guide:

1) Download Cash App from any application store on your smart phone.
2) If this is your first time using the app, you will be required to enter a phone number or email login ID. Choose how you prefer to receive verification codes from Cash App. You will then be sent a code to verify your account.
3) Verify your account by entering the code that was sent to you.
4) Link your debit card by entering it on the app.
5) Choose a $CashTag as your unique identifier.
6) Find us on Cash App by entering our cash tag as shown during checkout
7) Please write “Consulting #(your order number)” in your payment notes and nothing else, thank you!

Or watch this quick video if your a visual learner!