Cryptocurrency Payment Guide

We accept over 150 different cryptocurrencies!

Making a crypto payment with Cashapp is very simple. In this payment method, you use the cash that you have access to through Cashapp, to immediately buy and pay with Bitcoin.  

Just watch the video or follow the steps below the video.

  1. Download “Cash App” from the App Store
  2. Open the app and tap “B”, the Bitcoin tab
  3. Tap “Buy”
  4. Tap “…” to enter a custom amount
  5. Enter your total order amount plus a few dollars for fees
  6. Review your order and tap “Confirm”
  7. Now, you should have Bitcoin in your Cash App wallet
  8. Tap the arrow symbol in the bottom right corner
  9. Tap the area where the total is displayed – this allows you to switch between US Dollars and Bitcoin
  10. Tap until BTC is displayed
  11. Enter the exact amount as displayed during checkout
  12. Enter the exact address as displayed during checkout
  13. Double check the address
  14. Tap “Pay”
  15. You will receive a payment confirmation within 24 hours
    Thank you for your patience.

You will have to ‘verify’ your identity before you can send Bitcoin out of your Cash App. This only takes a few minutes.