What Makes Us Different

Single Source Psilocybin Mushrooms
We give you the magic as nature intended it. You can see it, smell it, touch it – and you know its from potent mushrooms. Synthetic Psilocybin has appeared on the market, especially in chocolates, so it’s important to know your source. And even if it’s real magic, it’s difficult to know for sure what grow practices are being used. For us, we don’t have a source. We are the source. We grow all our magic ourselves – we always have and always will.

Mind Gold – We Grow On Turmeric
We’re constantly researching to create the most medicinal mushrooms on the market. What we’ve learned: if you allow the magic mushrooms to consume clean, potent medicinal herbs such as turmeric, the mushrooms will absorb the medicinal compounds in the turmeric and assimilate a significant portion of them. These newly formed, bio-available nutrients can now be easily absorbed and used by your body when you eat our mushrooms. We took this insight to heart and now grow all of our Psilocybin mushrooms on an herbal substrate mixture, which includes golden organic turmeric.

We want to take full advantage of a natural process that no other supplement brand is doing (that we are aware of). This process is the bio-accumulation of macro nutrients in the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms.

In other words, mushrooms will convert nutrients from their substrate into nutrients that are many times more bio-available than if those nutrients had not encountered mushrooms. When you eat our mushroom fruits, you get the benefits of those extra herbal nutrients.

Our Formula Has Been Tested
The original formulas for Neuro Gold and Neuro Gold Lite are inspired by the Paul Stamets protocol. This protocol has been tested by to prove its ability to increase cognition. We encourage you to research this protocol and the studies associated with it so you can see the results. We did, and that’s why we use a slightly different but enhanced formula based on this protocol. One key difference is we omit using Niacin, as we found that some people do not react well to it.

We Only Use Mushroom Fruiting Bodies
Consuming mushroom fruiting bodies rather than mycelium is crucial for maximizing the therapeutic benefits, especially in the context of neurogenesis. The fruiting bodies, often the visible part of the mushroom, contain a concentrated and diverse array of bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides and secondary metabolites. These compounds have been extensively studied for their potential to enhance cognitive function and support neurogenesis. While mycelium plays a vital role in the growth and development of the mushroom, the fruiting bodies accumulate a higher concentration of the medicinal compounds, offering a more potent and effective source for promoting neurogenesis. Choosing mushroom fruiting bodies ensures a more comprehensive and targeted approach to reaping the neurological benefits, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to harness the full therapeutic potential of these remarkable fungi.