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Update 10/25/2023

Hi and welcome to Neuro Gold. This is the first of many updates to come.

I created this page to keep you updated on all things Neuro Gold without being limited in my voice by Instagram or other social media. While we will continue to post on Instagram, we’ll also share content and updates on this page that won’t be on social media.

As of right now… not many updates. We have been focusing a lot of our time on mushroom production – uncovering inefficiencies, updating our equipment, and testing methods to make our mushrooms more medicinal, including new substrate additives other than turmeric.

In more exciting news, be on the lookout for our 70% dark chocolate bar, coming very soon. We will run a Willy Wonka-style promo on Instagram with prizes, so follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already (@weareneurogold). Our bars have 5g of the most medicinal mushrooms on the market, and current feedback suggests they will take you to Wonderland.

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